Monday, October 19, 2009

Brunch: Plums, Newport Beach

New bunch local in Newport Beach, courtesy of my roommate:

Plums Cafe and Catering
369 E. 17th Street
Newport Beach, CA 92627

I was having an indecisive morning, and also a greedy morning, craving eggs, meat, and the raspberry pancakes that looked, oh, so good on the menu. Lo and behold, our waiter let me mix-and-match whatever I wanted so I could have a little bit of everything. Amazing. My other roommates also got what they wanted. I don't think there was a bite left on the table when we finished. It was incredible.

Even though the cafe is in a strip mall, they have their own little patio under a skylight which provides a great atmosphere.

To try next time, when I am not starving and all I want is sugar: the Dutch Baby (it takes 30 minutes to's like a deep dish pancake, the coconut french toast, or the lemon meringue waffle...mmm...

On another note: went to Maya in San Francisco this weekend (where my family went in NYC a few months ago) and it is just as good. Too bad I couldn't bring my leftover mole pablano home on the airplane. Boo. I guess that just makes it that much more better next time.