Monday, June 29, 2009

Here we go...

So I've started this blog in an attempt to keep track of all I want to do and as a log for what I've done, where I've been, and what's in store for me. Lord only knows if anyone will actually read this, but I'll make sure to write down any exciting things that happen, log new delicious restaurants, and catalogue the bad stuff (ie: straying from goal #1) so I can hold myself accountable.

Current goals to accomplish before September 15, 2009 (move in day for the Balboa house!):

1.) Get back down below 150 lbs. Since I got home from New York, I've slacked off and spent two whole months on facebook and wasting my time doing lord knows what. Right now, I'm in 12 units of summer school in 5 weeks (eek!) so the gym isn't entirely an option on a regular basis. I'll get started on this goal by eating right and not snacking while I'm studying, really listening to what my body needs, and being responsible on weekends when I'm out with friends (this should be interesting with the 4th just around the corner...). I will be going to the gym for cardio or weights, taking yoga or pilates, biking, or swimming for at least an hour 6 days a week. I can do it. It's going to happen. I have almost 3 hole months, and if I lose a pound a week, I'll be beyond my goal.

2.) Sing 3 times a week once summer school ends. I've been slacking off on this, and there is no reason I shouldn't be singing 7 days a week!

3.) Pass the Biology and Chemistry of Cooking and get an A in Microeconomics and Costume Design. I'll do this by staying on top of my reading: one chapter for Econ every night or two, reading a little bit of my cooking book nightly, and staying engaged in my costume design projects once I've started them.

4.) Visit Taylor and Janice during my month off down here.

5.) Explore San Diego with Courtney.

6.) Watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean the morning I fly home from New York in September, and watch it set over the Pacific Ocean that same day.

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