Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thai Food...The Best of the Best in SF

Some of my good friends and I had a bougie night out in San Francisco tonight. We got dressed up all snazzy and had dinner at Osha Thai Restaurant on 2nd Street. It was probably the best Thai food I've ever eaten...no joke. The yellow curry one of the girls got was peerless...and trust me, I've had my fair share of yellow curry. I had a Lava Guava drink, a spring roll, a piece of fried tofu with peanut sauce on it, and country chicken as my main dish. I think the dishes are supposed to be eated family style, but with 11 of us, we each decided to get our own entree then mooch off everyone else for tastes. It worked out perfectly and I was able to get my fix of everything I wanted: lemongrass chicken, pad thai, curry, pineapple fried rice...all incredible. The bill came out to around $35 a pop including drinks, 11 entrees, and a few appetizers to share. Not too bad for an AMAZING meal.

Osha Thai Restaurant
149 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA

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