Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Favorite Guilty Pleasure

I made dinner with my little sis tonight which consisted of bison burgers. (If you haven't discovered bison/buffalo yet, please head to your nearest Whole Foods to buy some pronto. It is very similar to beef, only it tastes better and is better for you because it has fewer calories, less fat, and more iron. Be careful, though. The lack of fat means it can cook very quickly. It's taken me a few months of cooking it finally master bison meat. Low temperature for a longer time does the trick.)

Anywho...back to dinner...we decided to have frozen yogurt for dessert. Trader Joe's plain tart froyo was the yogurt of choice. I had some blueberries. Check. I was also in the mood for peanut butter. The Irvine Whole Foods just started carrying Nuttzo Butter today, which is a multi-nut butter with lots of omega-3's; it's crunchy and delicious. I also had extra peanut butter I'm trying to get rid of before I move out next month.

So try this: Tart froyo, Blueberries, and Peanut or Mixed Nut butter. To DIE for. Very strange. Your tastebuds might get confused, but it is incredible. Also, if you use Nuttzo, you're getting your omega-3's, antioxidants, and probiotics all in one. Absolute heaven, and so dangerous now that I have it in my apartment...eeek!

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