Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sunny Sandy Eggo


510 N. Coast Highway

Encinitas, CA

I haven't been here...yet...but my friend Angel took my friend Blair there and Blair came back raving about it and telling me I need to experience it, knowing how much of a foodie I am. It's a cute little coffee shop in an old railway station right off the ocean.

Extroadinary Desserts

1430 Union St.

San Diego, CA

The name of this place is no understatement. It is extroadinary. I would drive all the way down from Orange County just for their peanut brittle ice cream. They have a different selection of desserts daily. They also serve real meal food, but why would you go to a dessert place to get savory food?

Margo's Mexican Grill

2015 Garnet Ave. #102

San Diego, CA

On a roadtrip down to SD, one of my friends researched this place and among all her cross referencing, it was deemed the best Mexican food in Pacific Beach. After tasting it, I think we all agreed. Just be careful...eating a whole burrito can be taxing on your stomach. was that good. Their happy hour is pretty awesome, including cheap drinks and tacos. Their margaritas are also great.

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